Our Services & Costs

Personal Care Homes (PCHs) are residences that provide shelter, meals, supervision, and assistance with personal care tasks, typically for older people, or people with physical, mental health, or cognitive disabilities who are unable to care for themselves, but do not need nursing home or extensive medical care and prefer to reside in a community atmosphere that allows independence. While available services vary and are based on the individual needs of each resident, services provided at a typical PCH include assistance with a variety of daily living tasks. Serenity Care's facilities provide daily living, health, and social services as follows:
*24 hour awake staff support
*individualized assessments and support planning based on a person-centered team approach
*inclusion of front line staff in care planning
*three nutritionally balanced meals daily-tailored to your needs 
*special attention paid to medical diets such as for those with renal failure or Diabetes 
*snacks and beverage service throughout the day and as needed per special dietary requirements              
*full laundry services                                                                                          
*housekeeping services    
*diabetic care including insulin injections    
*completion of Veteran's Aid & Attendance application                                                        *managing finances including representative payee and fiduciary services
*assistance with setting appointments and obtaining transportation
*medication management using a state of the art computer based system
*recreational activities including music therapy and cognitive exercises for Dementia                                                                                                                 
*art, music and animal therapy monthly to provide entertainment, education, and stimulation                                                                                                            
*daily physical exercise                                                                                           
*in-house PCP, Podiatrist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurse, and Dental Hygienist 
*personal hygiene, beauty, and haircutting services
*incontinence care    
*coordination with outside healthcare agencies to ensure continuum of care
*ability to contract with outside physical, occupational and speech therapists, and nursing care
*ability to contract with home health and hospice agencies
*ensure continuity of care via short & long-term care planning
*behavioral support for MH/MR and Dementia residents
*referrals to outside healthcare agencies and therapists
*assistance with applying for Medical and Social Security benefits
   Staff are Trained and Certified in:
         *Medication Administration & computer based MAR
          *First Aid
          *Diabetes Care & Insulin Injections
          *Certified by NFS (National Food Safety agency) as Food Safety Managers
          *Certified by DPW for Direct Care Work
          *Resident Centered Care
          *Professionalism & Customer Service
          *Individualized diagnoses and needs of each resident
          *A variety of other pertinent courses
All staff receive a minimum of 40 hours of training in their first year and a minimum of 24 each subsequent year. We exceed the minimum DPW requirement of only 12 hours of annual training. 
Pricing is based on market rates for room and board as well as the level of care needed by each resident which is determined through individual assessments. Private rooms will cost  more than shared rooms. According to Genworth Financial, who conducts annual cost surveys for care per region, the average standard rate for a private room in 2014 was $2,500 per month in the Pittsburgh area and $3,280 across Pennsylvania. Costs in PA can reach as high as $7800 per month, and these costs continue to rise year after year. Potential residents should consider this average as well as out of pocket costs for medications, durable medical equipment, insurance, supplies, co-payments, and transportation when looking at personal care. These costs are not included in the cost of care at any facility. Most facilities do not provide discounts based on income.
For an individualized quote based on your specific needs and income, please contact Dr. Kelly Zerrlaut at info@serenitycare.org or call 412-628-6866 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We accept Long Term Care Insurance, Trust payments, SS, SSI, SSD, the PCH Supplement (in combination with private pay), and Veteran's Benefits, and will assist you through the complicated application process to expedite your funding.