Our Philosophy

At Serenity Pines Personal Care Home, we believe that each resident deserves dignity, respect, privacy, and the ability to remain as independent as possible. We believe that every resident should have the support they need to live a fulfilling life and have a serene place to call home.
We follow a Resident Centered Care model, which is not so much a "model" but a way of life. We believe in providing our residents with freedom of choice, control over their own decisions, control over their care and belongings, and flexbility in their day to day habits. We balance the structure people need with the flexibility and freedom to choose when they wake up, when and what they eat, what they wear, and the basic choices we take for granted every day that sometimes become "obstacles" to care in a residential setting.
Residents are encouraged to make decisions on activities, menus, and other choices that effect their home, and they have great influence on our chosen providers such as doctors, therapists, and nurses, based on their experiences with those professionals.
We strongly believe that good care starts with knowing each resident as an individual, not just thinking of them as a dollar sign or a bed filled. We make sure every resident is a good fit for our community and that we are a good fit for them. We strive every day to be better than the day before to ensure Serenity Pines truly is peaceful living for mind, body, and spirit.